About Stormkloth™

Asphodel International is one of the leading Hunting, Shooting, Fishing, shooting clothing uk, camouflage hunting clothing uk, camouflage hunting clothing uk, tactical gear uk, camouflage clothing uk, tactical gloves uk, hunting jackets uk, hard gun case uk, shooting jackets uk, military surplus uk, camouflage jacket womens uk, fishing hoodies uk, stormkloth jacket, soft shell jacket uk, cargo trousers uk manufacturing Company in Pakistan.

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Asphodel Intl has its own brand STORMKLOTH brand of technical garments. Asphodel holds a special position in the Sports Goods industry that it provides the largest variety and combination of products to its customers under one roof. The manufacturing processes are certified to ISO 9001:2002 standards.

Asphodel Intl enhances the customer’s satisfaction and applicable regulatory requirements for the continuous improvement of the Quality Management System.

We believe in partnership not only with our customers but also with our employees who have proved to be a key in maintaining the highest level of excellence in our outputs. Asphodel Intl is certified WAL*MART & (SA-8000) that Asphodel believes in long-term relationships with its employees by providing them benefits, basic legal rights and good working environment.

Our apparel division is producing both light & good quality garments. A comprehensive Quality Control & Assurance System is working continuously monitors, controls and assures the quality Standards. Various inspections in cutting, stitching, finishing, and packing facilitate us to maintain AQL levels as per customers requirement.


Asphodel Intl has a highly modern packing facility in which garments can be shipped either way i.e. flat pack in cartons or hanging by sea and even hanging by air. Our systematic shipping procedures ensure that we have the capability to send shipments to any market in the world by taking the shortest possible time.

Final Quality Inspection:

  • Before packing, our in-house Quality Inspectors again re-check each garment for its material quality, stitching, finishing, tagging, marking, etc.

Random Quality Inspection (camouflage hunting clothing UK):

Quality inspection, concerning the minutest details, quality Inspectors have been appointed who randomly check a garment at any stage of production, even when garments are packed and ready for shipping. The quality attributes that are checked depend upon the stage of garment production.


Under Armor Jacket

ART # : SK-1013

Country Bomber Jacket

ART # : SK-1012


ART # : SK-1011

Combat Trousers

ART # : SK-713

Combat Trousers

ART # : SK-712


ART # : SK-710

Combat Trousers

ART # : SK-T-7010


ART # : SK-T-7009